December 09, 2013


Kidz Entertainment, Inc. Donates to the Ronald McDonald House

Baldwin, NY (December 9, 2013) With the holiday season in full swing, Long Island's own Diane Baumann and her amazing line of children's products Kidz Entertainment, Inc. will be making an appearance at The Ronald McDonald House located at 267-07 76th Avenue, New Hyde Park NY on Saturday December 14th from 1pm to 5pm. This event will be taped for viewing by MadhouseTV.In addition to supplying the facility with a generous donation of 75 picture book sets, the children will have a chance to meet Diane where she will sing a few holiday songs. Other local Long Island celebrity ent ertainers and politicians are expected to stop by during the event, as well. For more information on Kidz Entertainment Inc, please visit Other items sold on the site include an animal rescue puzzle, a Show Dog picture book set complete with an award winning song and more.


Kidz Entertainment Inc creates quality products, very cleverly packaged, to give your child an educational, musical, entertaining and interactive experience bundled into one adventure!!! These unique products combine the worlds of children, animals and music with color and excitement and reach children on many sensory levels. You can find several great new reviews of the products on the heavily trafficked, and Kidz Entertainment's late st series includes their Poodle Handbag/Muff/Plush Animal, Brown Dog Handbag/Muff/Plush Animal, White Cat Handbag/Muff/Plush Animal, Calico Cat Handbag/Muff/Plush Animal, Dalmatian Handbag/Muff/Plush Animal - not unlike the trendy bags being worn by young girls across the world, such as Quvenzhané Wallis wore on the Red Carpet at the Oscars, and Pansie the Pig Handbag/Muff/Plush Animal all available for purchase at their website . Other items sold on the site include an animal rescue puzzle, a Show Dog picture book set complete with an award winning song and more. Download pdf
November 17, 2013


Press Release on November, 2013

We have been Nominated at BestofLongIslandPress. The event is presented by Bethpage Federal Credit Union. Please do vote for us. Voting ends on December 15, 2013. Press Release on November, 2013
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October 03, 2013


Press Release on October 16, 2013

Baldwin, NY (October 16, 2013) Since making a generous donation to the Long Beach West School in Long Beach back in June to assist with Hurricane Sandy recovery, Diane Baumann and the fast rising Baldwin, Long Island NY based toy manufacturer Kidz Entertainment Inc certainly haven’t been resting on their laurels; and they don’t seem to be planning on it anytime soon! There are no less than five charity events which were organized by the Baldwin4 Children organization (which has been actively fundraising for months trying to put back the activities that were cut because of the Baldwin school budget) that the company participated in; the events included the BaldwinPalooza event on August 17, an event with Baldwin bred UFC Champion Chris Weidman in Rockville Center on September 11, the Baldwin Walkathon on September 28, a Book and DVD Sale in Baldwin on October 5, and most recently the Baldwin Carz4Kidz Show on October 6th. All in all, donations numbe red about one hundred pieces for the five events. Some other important items of interest; the company just signed on for a drop ship agreement with Canadian Distributor Border Brands, and has another company called Lifestyle Brands which is located in the Southeast United States which is going to launch in November and will also carry their line. Additionally, their brand new Rescue Hero picture book is finished and is being manufactured right now, as is a purple plush dog handbag which is the lead character in the book and they are in the prototype stage of rescue heroes for boys, as well. Download pdf
September 24, 2013


Making A Difference With Gail King On Madhouse TV

Diane is the second guest to appear in this segment. Recorded on 9/24/2013 Making a Difference w/ guests, Terrie Magro, Diane Baumann & Debbie Hecht - Captured Live on Ustream.
June 03, 2013

0 comments Donation/Reading Event For Long Beach Children

Kidz Entertainment, a Long Island-based toy company, is donating educational products to assist Long Beach children during the continuing superstorm Sandy recovery efforts.At 10 a.m. today, the founder of Kidz Entertainment, Diane Baumann of Baldwin, will be holding a special donation and reading for Long Beach students. from West School Elementary at Lindell Elementary School (601 Lindell... Read More About : Donation/Reading Event For Long Beach Children
March 09, 2013


Queens World Film Festival Preview

synopsis People came from all over to The Little Shop of Wonders to view their collections, as well as to seek their advice about gemstones and healing. Mark and Rosalyn also worked with an assortment of animals in need. Eventually, due to the overflow of artifacts, customers, friends and curiosity seekers, they moved to a storefront on the main street in town. The Long Island Rock and Lapidary shop was a fixture in the town of Bellmore, N.Y. for 48 years. director Snowflake Video Productions is the innovation of filmmaker Leslye Abbey. Her worldwide adventures have given her the opportunity to capture and present diverse expressions of cultural identity. Her career as a psychotherapist and Cultural Social Worker, in such places as the Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, combined with her photographic background, has granted her video camera intimate access into the human heart and spirit. Read More About: Queens World Film Festival Preview
January 28, 2013


NY Mom's World Blog

Diane Baumann of Kidz Entertainment, Inc. is our latest MomPreneur and we are so happy to introduce her to you. Diane was a radio show host on WGBB and WLIE for 6 years, she hosted a few Cablevision shows for LT1, and she is a member of The Recording Academy, BMI, SGA, Women in Music, and SCWBI. Her company, Kidz Entertainment, Inc., is where you will find picture books and gifts that combine the worlds of children, animals and music with color and excitement! What inspired you to begin your business? When I first wrote the title track to a documentary filmed by my friend, Leslye Abbey, called “Caution: Show Dogs”, I received a lot of praise from the song so I thought it would be a good idea to turn songs into books that would be educational, musical and interactive. How difficult was it to get started in the business? It was very difficult. I wanted to create something unique and I used my own money and just when I thought I could get things going the economy fell down. Can you describe your business? I have created unique and distinct picture book sets for children that are educational, musical and interactive. The sets contain the picture books with CD’s, sheet music, coloring books, puzzles and muff/handbag/plush animals. My newest addition is a customizable animal rescue puzzle. What has been your biggest challenge to overcome? Getting the product out to the consumer. The product is unique so I really need to show it to the customer as there is nothing quite like it on the market. What advice would you give other moms who are looking to begin their own business? Keep working at it. Don’t give up even though you may feel rejected or disappointed at times. If at first you don’t succeed, you may need to tweak your product. What ideas are you planning to bring into your business this year? What’s next for you? I am bringing an animal rescue puzzle out and a new animal rescue song, picture book with DVD and coloring book. I’m also going to try to bring out my Mambo Toothbrush. What is your inspiration for creating new products/services? Most of the time my inspiration comes from events that take place, poems that I write and ideas that are unique. I’m always coming up with ideas as my wheels are turning all the time. How do you balance running a business with your kids’ schedule? It can be difficult at times but the way you balance is by having a flexible schedule. I will work all weekend if I have to or late at night, even on a holiday. What role do your children/ family play in your business products? My children help me assemble the products and ship when I’m overloaded. Also, I just finished a children’s bedtime lullaby where I sang the first verse, my daughter sang the second verse and my son played the bassoon throughout the song and co-wrote his part. It is called “Before It’s Time To Say Goodnight” and we just turned it into a simple video. Have you been involved in any other ventures? I am involved right now in a venture. We have a product that was created to help autistic children the basic concept of addition and subtraction. This learning tool can be used also for Pre-K and Kindergarten children as well. Betcha didn’t know… That my song “Show Dog” won best song on the eastern seaboard and then went on to win the National Award for Best Song in the Children’s/Novelty class. This Award was given on the 75th Anniversary of the Songwriter’s Guild of America, the oldest and most prestigious songwriting organization in the USA. Right now I am loving that… Things are falling into place and I’m making great strides. My favorite Mommy Trick is… When I need to get my kids to do something and they don’t want to, I say with a sigh and shaking my head “poor, poor mommy, poor, poor mommy” It works every time. Guilt is good. I can’t live without… My family. They are my life, my love and my reason for doing everything that I do. Read More About: NY Mom's World Blog
January 03, 2013


Pawsitively Pets

Not long ago, I was the lucky winner of a toy package from Kidz Entertainment Inc. in a giveaway that was hosted by Come Wag Along. Thanks so much to Kidz Entertainment Inc. and Simba and his mom, Kia, at Come Wag Along! The package included a Show Dog book, Show Dog coloring book, and a Show Dog puzzle. As you all may know, I have an 8 year old daughter named Lily. These books and the puzzle are just perfect for her and she was very excited when they came in the mail. I told her when I won the giveaway, so she was looking forward to receiving her "prize" in the mail. When our package arrived, she went straight for the Show Dog book and started reading it. The book is written in song and actually comes with a music CD. At the end of the book is sheet music for the song. Each page has brightly illustrated pictures of different dog breeds with special facts about them. She told me that her favorites were the Doberman Pinscher and Pomeranian. The coloring book is just like the Dog Show book, but without color. So she gets to color in the book however she wants to. Lily loves to color! The coloring book also comes with a few crayons. When I won the giveaway, I got to decide between a puzzle, poodle purse, or brown dog purse. I asked Lily which one she preferred and I'm glad I did. She chose the puzzle, but I thought she might have picked out one of the purses. The purses are so cute and are like little stuffed animals! The puzzle has 49 large pieces (much bigger than I had expected) and makes for a perfect floor puzzle. It has the cute illustrations from the Show Dog book on it. Lily was able to complete the puzzle pretty quickly. Lily did have one complaint about the puzzle that she received however. Her words were - "I can't believe there isn't one single pomeranian on this puzzle!" She seemed slightly upset by this, but seemed to get over it quickly. :) As I was browsing through some of the other products that Kidz Entertainment offers, I noticed that they also have a Show Cat series of toys for cat people. There's a "I Can't Seem to Find My Tail" picture book package featuring a cute little pink piggy that looks pretty adorable too. I would definitely recommend these toys from Kidz Entertainment Inc., especially if your child loves animals, as Lily does. I like it when she plays with toys that are not video games or involve the TV. The Show Dog package we received is a fun and interactive way for her to learn and play. I also suggest that you check out Come Wag Along. There is always some sort of exciting giveaway going on that you wouldn't want to miss out on. Plus, Come Wag Along was nice enough to feature my very own Shiner on their Fashion Friday! Read More About: Pawsitively Pets
December 18, 2012


Come Wag Along

Kids love animals and Kidz Entertainment Inc. provides products for kids who love animals that are fun and interactive. Diane Baumann’s products combine children, animals, pictures, color, and excitement. Diane gave me a sample of her picture book sets for free in return for a fair and honest review. My boyfriend’s daughter was thrilled when we opened the box and she saw all of the animals and fun activities. Our package for review included: Show Dog Picture Book Package, Pansie the Piglet Picture Book Set, and the Show Cat Children’s Picture Book Package. Show Dog Picture Book Package Of course we were excited to see what the Show Dog Picture Book Package had inside! It contains a Show Dog Picture Book, a Show Dog Puzzle, a Sing-Along Music Sheet, Show Dog Title-Song CD, and Coloring Book with Non-Toxic Crayons inside of a clear vinyl and Velcro case. The Show Dog Picture Book contains various types of show dogs and facts about each breed. Simba and I were a tad bit disappointed because we didn’t see any mini schnauzers in the book, but we did see some of Simba’s furiends :) It is very colorful and will definitely grab a kids attention and keep it there. It is definitely beautifully illustrated and it also has words from a song about show dogs which is from the CD that is in the back of the book along with the sheet music for the song. Isn’t that a great added bonus? It makes the book just that more exciting. The Show Dog Puzzle are pictures from the Show Dog Picture Book. The puzzle pieces aren’t small which makes it easier to put together. You can also choose a muff/handbag/plushtoy for girls instead of the puzzle for this package. The coloring book includes all of the pictures from the Show Dog Picture Book, but there is no color of course so your child gets to be a little artist and recreate the pictures from the book in his or her own way. Pansie the Piglet Picture Book “I Can’t Seem To Find My Tail” This picture book package includes “I Can’t Seem To Find My Tail!” Picture Book, a Muff/Handbag/Plushtoy, Sing-Along Music Sheet, “I Can’t Seem To Find My Tail!” Title-Song CD, a Wearable Necklace all inside a clear vinyl and Velcro case. The “I Can’t Seem To Find My Tail!” Picture Book is also very colorful and will grabs a kids attention as well. The story is about Pansie the piglet trying to find her tail. The story is short, cute, and funny too! It is also beautifully illustrated and it has a CD in the back of the book along with sheet music. The song and music goes along with the story so it is fun to sing and listen to. The Muff/Handbag/Plushtoy is a cute little piglet who must be Pansie! The piglet is wearing a necklace that your child can take off the piglet and wear it herself. How cute is that? The piglet is also a handbag that your child can put their belongings in and carry it around with them. Adorable! Read the Pansie the Piglet Picture Book synopsis here. Show Cat Children’s Picture Book Package This picture book package includes a Show Cat Picture Book, a Muff/HandBag/Plushtoy, a Sing-Along Music Sheet, a Show Cat Title-Song CD, a Wearable Necklace, and a Coloring Book with Non-Toxic Crayons all inside a clear vinyl and Velcro case. The Show Cat Children’s Picture Book is basically just like the Show Dog Picture Book Package except this package is all about cats and it includes a hard cover picture book and a muff/handbag/plush toy instead of a puzzle. Read More About: Come Wag Along
November 25, 2012


The next generation of cat lovers are here. If you know a child ages 3 to 8 who loves cats, dress-up, sing-a-longs, coloring books and picture books, I have the purrfect gift for you! The Show Cat: I Wanna Be Purr-fect is the whole kit and caboodle in one package. Odin, our always curious products tester and sometime book reviewer didn’t know what to make of this new kitty at first but gave it a sniff and paws up. It’s a fun interactive experience and nicely put together from Kidz Entertainment. Visit their fun interactive website to see and hear their large range of products in more detail. We are offering our readers a chance to win this large gift pack is excellent quality and includes a large hardcover picture book, a coloring book with crayons, a plush kitty handbag that doubles as a hand warmer/muff, a pearl necklace with rhinestone charm and a sing-a-long CD of kitty ditties. This particular Show Cat Picture Book package will be available to our readers for the incredible value of $29.95. If you’d like to win this purr-fect gift, simply “like” this post and leave a comment. If you’re not already a subscriber to Cat Wisdom 101, we’d like to invite you so you can always be first in line to enter our giveaways. Congratulations go to Theresa & Prudence. You are the winners of last week’s giveaway for a copy of Peg Kehret’s wonderful memoir Animals Welcome Read More About:
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