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Wear your design proudly then wash it and create a new one! The Washable Markers allow this adorable t-shirt to be colored over and over again. A great activity with many designs that cater to children 4 +  and allows your child to wear his/her own customized shirt. A set of 6 washable markers is included. Makes a great arts and crafts project. A wonderful and productive way to keep your child occupied anywhere at any time.

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July 16, 2020

Writer Diane Baumann, of Baldwin, and Kidz Entertainment, Inc. has announced their new children's picture book titled "I Can't Seem to Find My Tail". Presenting their signature character line, Pansie and Friends, the book tells the story of true friendship, helping one another and learning to live together in peace and harmony, according to a news release. Pansie the Pig’s tail has gone missing, so Oliver the Frog, Tasha he Nightingale, Isabella the Swanand Logan the Bee go on an adventure to help her find it. Pansie and her friends get through their journey by using their heads and hearts and by facing the challenge together. “Ultimately, the goal is for my program to be a fun way for kids...

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