Show Cat Picture Book

Music Preview

I WANNA BE PURR-FECT(SHOWCAT)"is a Disneyesque picture book with witty lyrics and luminating illustrations of the world of Show Cats. The setting for these Aristo-cats is that of a 1920's mansion in its heyday of wealth and royalty. The "Show Cat" Picture Book is a hardcover book that contains 42 pages of bright and captivating illustrations. A fact about each breed of cat that is illustrated adds a fun learning element to this children's book. The title-song CD of the song attached to the back cover and a music sheet, creates an interactive aspect to this work as well and will grab the attention of the whole family.

Your children will love to sing along with Show Cat as the words of the song are printed page by page. The Show Cat Picture Book is great for all ages. Show Cat will help children just learning to read and they'll have fun doing it!!!


Price: $14.95 plus Special Shipping cost of only $1.99

Age: 5-8

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