Perfect Wings 3D Animation

“Perfect Wings” 3D Animation and Video Set
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Animation: Birds take flight and offer children a chance to soar through the air while getting an exciting glimpse into the life of our aviary friends in this charming 3D animation called "Perfect Wings". Playfully combining learning styles to introduce children to a variety of birds, the animation offers colorful and visually stimulating content that captures the distinct personality, coloring, habitats, instincts, behavior and intelligence of each bird in an engaging video format.

The Video animation provides rich content and shares interesting facts about a series of colorful birds as the scenes weave together with a delightful musical background. This is a relaxing learning experience while building an appreciation for these creatures of the air. The feel good ending, brings our favorite fliers to the Tree of Life, perched happily where they belong and where they are free.

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Additional Materials Included

Printable Book:
The printable book provides interesting facts on various species that teach and enriches the child’s vocabulary. Each page is a beautiful palette of color accompanied by song lyrics and combines learning, art, and music to introduce the children to our feathered friends.

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Music Video:
The music video uses imagery from the book and weaves scenes together with a delightful, uplifting musical score.

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Printable Coloring Pages:
The corresponding printable coloring pages allows children to use their own artistic talents to create a rainbow of colorful friends.

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Sheet Music:
The sheet music with chords and lyrics enable the children to further engage and lend their own voices to the story.

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Table of Contents:
The Table of Contents provides a time space for each bird for easy navigation to any specific segment.

ESL Students:
There is a comparison and contrast with many different modes that utilizes all four language modalities (i.e. listening, reading, speaking and writing) for a fully engaging experience. The complete video set creates a truly enjoyable and relaxing experience.

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