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Welcome to Kidz Entertainment, Inc. where you will find novelty picture books and gifts that combine the worlds of children, animals and music with color and excitement!!! Take a look at our products and specialty toys that are educational, musical, interactive, and entertaining all bundled into one adventure!! We reach children on many sensory levels. The picture books contain bright and beautiful illustrations which entertain the imagination - factual information about various breeds that are illustrated adds an educational dimension - and a music sheet with an award winning CD attached to the back covers create a musical and interactive facet to these works. You will also find companion coloring books with crayons, t-shirts and backpacks with washable markers, and 18 Digital Show Dog puzzles for Mac, PC, Android or iOS, depicting a variety of dogs in various locations which creates a fun atmosphere for your young puzzler. Choose from a variety of beautifully made muff/handbag/plush animals and make up your own picture book packages!!! Ages 5 - 8.

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Diane Baumann has many years of experience as a vocalist, songwriter, radio-show host, author and publisher. She founded and co-hosted 21st Century Music Radio, one of the most popular radio shows which aired for four years on WGBB-1240 AM and then for two years on WLIE - 540 AM. This show won accolades by enabling "unknown" local and national artists to be heard not only throughout the Greater Long Island area but worldwide as well. Her background has made her a natural to create and grow 21st Century Music Radio. The show featured a combination of music and live interviews with musicians, songwriters, and producers to help advance Long Island's own cast of artistic talent. Diane also performed the voiceovers on numerous commercials that aired on the radio. She was also a substitute host for LT1, which is aired on Cablevision's Public Access television and which also has national distribution.

Diane is a member of the Songwriter's Guild of America, BMI, NARAS, Women In Music, the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators and the Long Island Music Coalition. She was a guest on numerous radio and television shows as well. She has performed on behalf of many organizations in the tri-state area and has also donated her talents to numerous Towns, Chambers of Commerce, the World Trade Center Relief Fund, and to many other worthwhile causes. Diane performs some of her songs at BayFest for the Blessing of the Fleet which includes a tribute to September 11th entitled, "Save Us, Angel of Love". Her single "Hard Love" is a song to support organizations who help to fight against domestic abuse and violence.

Two of Diane's songs, the title track to her CD "Picking Up The Pieces" and "That's Right, Stranger", were selected to be in an award-winning film entitled "Bob's Rolling Reefer". This film was accepted into the Long Island International Film Expo which premiered on July 20, 2000, and won Best Documentary in its class. It was then aired on television on the Metro Arts Channel. Diane narrated another documentary called "Caution: Show Dogs". In addition, she co-wrote and performed the theme song "Show Dog" for this documentary which was signed to The Cinema Guild for international distribution. Diane also wrote the title track to the documentary "Little Shop of Wonders" which also premiered in the Long Island International Film Expo.

Diane has written and developed eight interactive children's books. The first picture book she created and self-published is a children's picture book based on the lyrics of "Show Dog". She then developed a companion coloring book, puzzle, and designed a muff/handbag/plush animal which has patent protection. Her second children's picture book is based on the lyrics of "Show Cat". A companion coloring book and handbag/muff/plush was developed for this picture book package as well. Her third book entitled "I Can't Seem To Find My Tail" follows the same suit. Simultaneously, the epub of "Show Dog" was released and landed in the #10 spot on Amazon.com for use on the new color Kindle and iPad and the #6 spot on Barnes & Noble Pubit.com. The epub for "I Can't Seem To Find My Tail" is also complete and has been released. The fourth book which is a bedtime story "Before It's Time To Say Goodnight" has been made into a video and is released on DVD. The fifth book entitled "Perfect Wings" and the sixth book entitled "Rescue Hero" is complete.   Diane's seventh picture book based on the title track "Little Shop of Wonders" is now complete and her eighth book "The Mambo Toothbrush" is currently being developed.  All of these intellectual properties led her to forming her own company, Kidz Entertainment, Inc.

The song "Show Dog" was given the award for Best Song 2005 in the Eastern Region of the United States in the children's/novelty class. After that, it went on to win the National Award for 2005 in the same class. This award was given by the Songwriter's Guild of America on it's 75th birthday and is the oldest, most prestigious song writing group in the USA. Diane was also given acknowledgment as one of the distinctive authors on Long Island as well as a commendation from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Diane and Kidz Entertainment, Inc. has been steadily increasing their visibility. Diane and Kidz Entertainment, Inc. were successful in obtaining a global distribution with the new Military Shopping Channel.com which was created by Kevin Harrington who also created NBC's "Shark Tank". She also filmed the informercial for MyLITV.com which is continually aired on the Verizon website.

Diane was nominated Best of Long Island 2014 and 2015 in the Author category.

Diane's Animal Rescue product line helps to raise awareness in children about animal rescue and adoption. A picture book with CD and sheet music, customizable puzzle with patent protection and an adorable plush purple dog handbag for girls and a plush rescue dog for boys have been developed. The companion coloring book has also been developed.

Diane created 3-in-1 Cuddly Fun, a muff/handbag/plush animal, which is a trademarked brand that has two patents pending. Gaining attention and sales from New York City to Los Angeles, this product is a big hit with children, their parents and grandparents!! Even the children of celebrities are wearing this adorable girl's accessory. We combined these with the pictures books and just finished a worldwide distribution with the military.  These items can also double as a cast cover to hide those unsightly bandages while freeing up the uninjured hand.  Not to be used as a medical device.

Diane created another line called Kidz T'z  and Color and Wear.  We took a number of the designs from our coloring books and screened them onto children's t-shirts. Combined with washable, non-toxic markers.  Kidz T'z is a big hit everywhere.  This allows the children to draw over and over again. Recently added to the line are Kidz Backpacks Color and Go.   We now have 10 designs and offer 3 sizes, youth small, youth medium and youth large.  

In 2017 Kidz T'z and 3-in-1 Cuddly Fun gained more exposure at the Golden Globes Awards Ceremony and the  OSCARS in Los Angeles.

Kidz Entertainment, Inc. is a NYS and NYC Certified Woman Owned Business.

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