Home Sweet Home

Color and create your very own t-shirt!

Wear your design proudly then wash it and create a new one!! The Washable Markers allow this adorable t-shirt to be colored over and over again. A great activity with multiple designs that cater to children 4 & up and allows your child to wear his/her own customized shirt. Collect all designs! 

Includes 1 cotton T-shirt and 6 washable markers.

  • Youth Small (4-6) Youth Medium (8-10) and Youth Large (12-14) 
  • 100% Cotton T-shirts
  • 6 Non toxic washable markers in clear case
  • Color, wear, wash and color again
  • Ages 4+ up
  • Open box and use as a placemat. Great for travel. Take this item anywhere, car, plane, doctor's office, etc.
  • Safety tested

Kids T-Shirts With Washable Markers.

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