Writer Diane Baumann, of Baldwin, and Kidz Entertainment, Inc. has announced their new children's picture book titled "I Can't Seem to Find My Tail".

Presenting their signature character line, Pansie and Friends, the book tells the story of true friendship, helping one another and learning to live together in peace and harmony, according to a news release.

Pansie the Pig’s tail has gone missing, so Oliver the Frog, Tasha he Nightingale, Isabella the Swanand Logan the Bee go on an adventure to help her find it. Pansie and her friends get through their journey by using their heads and hearts and by facing the challenge together.

“Ultimately, the goal is for my program to be a fun way for kids to learn about friendship and teamwork while making a positive impact on their development and behavior,” Baumann said.

To compliment the book, she added activities and created a coloring book, music, “Pin the Tail on Pansie,” and a writing activity called “I Am A Friend When...” on character letterhead.

Baumann has also created a lesson that teachers and social workers an use as a guideline if they would like to take the book and activities into the classroom. The activities also work well for children with disabilities.

“Children love to have the opportunity to lend a hand and share their own knowledge and experiences with others,” Baumann said. “It helps them become more self-confident and aware of their own abilities. The kids can see the value in helping and teaching someone else, and in turn, it can enhance their own skills.”

Additionally, there is a cartoon with Pansie and Friends that focuses on childhood behavioral development, socialization and simple academia in the works, too.

Kidz Entertainment, Inc. is a Long Island-based company that creates products to give children educational, musical, entertaining and interactive experiences. The unique products combine the worlds of children, animals and music with color and excitement and reach children on many sensory levels.

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