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Long Island Vibes by Mike Ferrari GETTING SOME WELL-DESERVED RECOGNITION. Local artist Diane Baumann-Corrado Wins National Award Long Island’s own songwriter and radio personality Diane Baumann-Corrado has won First Prize from Songwriter’s Guild of America in the Childrens/Novelty category (Eastern Region) for her song, “Show Dog”. The Songwriter’s Guild of America is one of the oldest and most respected music organizations in the world and brings some well deserved recognition to the Show Dog project. Those who listen to her show, 21st Century Music Radio Thursday nights on WLIE 540 AM will recognize it as the opening song, a catchy number about the ups and downs of owning, grooming, and managing a show dog. “Show Dog” started off as the title track to the documentary “Caution: Show Dogs” and from there, Ms. Baumann-Corrado has licensed and published the song herself, and has financed and marketed the Show Dog Picture Book Package which includes a handbag/ muff/ plush toy pet poodle (for which she has a patent pending on the design!) Her two children, Joseph, aged nine, and Alexis, aged ten, helped her with the package. The Plush Poodle is available at many boutiques and Lester’s department shtores. To find out more about the project, contact Diane Baumann-Corrado, by visiting her site at:

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