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Out of everyone, people and animals, I like children the best. They’re fun to play with, they always come over to say hello and pet me, and they are always friendly. I love children. So my first business that I’m featuring is a company that provides children with informative, interesting, and interactional books about dogs and other animals. What is a picture book? A book with pictures, right? Not at Kidz Entertainment, Inc. Their picture books include so much more than just what the eyes can see. How about what the ears can hear? What the fingers can touch? Sensory skills are very important for children. So Kidz Entertainment, Inc. put together picture book packages that include items that will reach visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (hands-on) learners from ages 3-8 years old. “Show Dog” is one of the picture books that is offered (of course I chose the dog one to discuss!) It was written by author, songwriter, vocalist, and radio personality Diane Baumann. The package includes a 36-page colorful, attention-grabbing book that teaches children about each breed of dog that is featured. There is also a music CD that goes along with the book including The Songwriter’s Guild of America’s National Award Winning song “Show Dog.” The song follows the words of the book, so as children learn the words of the song, they can sing along while following the words in the book, ultimately helping them learn to read! In addition to the book and CD, the package includes a coloring book with non-toxic crayons. You can also choose either a 49-piece puzzle that features the breeds of dogs from the story in different locations or a handbag/muff/plush dog. Children that are hands-on learners need to use their hands and do something in order to learn best. While the children are looking at the breeds of dogs, listening to the words of the song, and flipping through the book, no matter what type of learner they are, they will retain more information than they would with just one of the three options. Does your child take music lessons? The sheet music for the song is also included in the package! This package really is the whole package. In addition to “Show Dog,” there is also “Show Cat” and “I Can’t Seem to Find My Tail” about Pansie the Piglet. The packages for these books include all that was mentioned with “Show Dog.” There are also gifts that coordinate with the books, such as handbags in the form of dogs, cats, and Pansie the Pig. You can purchase jewelry and other CDs as well. Individual items and packages run from $4.95 to $29.95. For specific pricing, videos, and to purchase products from Kidz Entertainment, Inc., go to I hope this blog post was beneficial to you. If you purchase any of the items from this website, please let me know how your child enjoys them! I want to know what you think of the businesses we feature on our blog. Read More About: Stellas Friends

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