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The worst thing about babysitting on a Saturday night is not knowing what to do with that five year old companion who insists, as she sits down on the couch with arms crossed, that she is incredibly bored. Because, of course, she’s already played with all her toys “a zillion times” and watched those videos “a bazillion times.” Even if she just got them for Christmas. Kidz Entertainment Inc. has a website full of fun, colorful, entertaining, and even educational toys that are sure to spark any child’s interest and make that more babysitting experience enjoyable for both the little princess who seems to have every toy imaginable and you. Toys range from purses that can be the perfect accessory to that fashion show the two of you will have or a muff to keep tiny hands warm on the walk you want to take or just a plush animal she can hug as you enjoy the story or the CD together. There are also great puzzles, coloring books, and picture books (minus the purses) with facts about dog breeds in case your five year old companion is a boy instead of a girl. These charming toys were created by Diane Corrado, who was a musician, singer/songwriter, and a radio dj. Inspired by her song about a show dog, Diane has developed a line of toys that merge music, love for animals, wonderful graphics, and engaging stories together. This is creative fun that you might find you’re just as eager to enjoy as the child you care for on Saturday night! Read More About: Relate Magazine Internet Article

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