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It was announced that starting today Diane Baumann and Kidz Entertainment Inc will be appearing on Cablevision’s The Writer’s Dream with Linda Maria Frank (Channel 20 on LTV on the east end of Long Island) a total of six times over the next few weeks. The schedule is as follows: Friday March 30th – 7:00 pm, Saturday March 31st – 1:30 pm, April 2 – 9:00 pm, April 6 – 7:00 pm, April 7 – 1:30 pm and April 9 – 9:00 pm. The Writer’s Dream is a half hour LTV Cablevision show which is shot in the Cablevision location out in Easthampton. The show, which is hosted by Linda Maria Frank – who is also an author – airs on the east end of Long Island on channel 20. Linda features authors of all genres to come and be interviewed on her show. “What makes our company special is our range of interesting products that are both educational and interactive, therefore reaching children on many sensory levels” said Diane Baumann, founder and chief designer for Kidz Entertainment Inc. “For instance, the picture books contain bright and beautiful illustrations which entertain the imagination, plus factual information about various breeds of dog which adds an educational dimension, and also include a music sheet with an award winning CD attached to the back cover which creates an interactive sing along facet to these works” Even more unique are the variety of beautifully made muff/handbag/plush animals with necklaces which can be coupled with some of the other offerings for a truly special and original gift package for any occasion. You will also find companion coloring books with crayons and a 49 piece puzzle depicting a variety of dogs in various locations which creates a fun atmosphere for your young puzzler. Recommended for ages 3 – 8 Diane has been very busy this year so far, having also recently agreed to terms with Animal Shopping Club network for a infomercial special which will air later this Summer. Additionally, Kidz Entertainment Inc has also recently signed a license agreement with StoryCub, and is set to launch on the site with their brand new fourth book entitled “Before Its Time To Say Goodnight”. Instead of a CD attached to the back cover, as with the three previous books Show Dog, Show Cat and Pansie the Piglet, this time they’ve animated the story and will attach a DVD. This comes on the heels of the TV segment they just shot for the new Military Shopping Channel.com in Tampa which was created by Kevin Harrington of NBC’s “Shark Tank” TV program which can be viewed here: https://www.kidzentertainmentinc.com/video Read More About: Long Island Press

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