Long Island Press - May 15, 2012

Imagine a cuddly, adorable stuffed animal that can also be used as a muff to keep your hands warm on those cooler days or a purse when you’re on the go—a purse that comes with coloring and story books, music, puzzles and maybe even a necklace with a sparkly charm! This, simply put, is a kids dream and it’s the brainchild of Long Islander Diane Baumann, president of Kidz Entertainment, Inc., who started the company in order to give kids an educational, musical, entertaining and interactive experience bundled into on adventure. And it’s an adventure even adults can enjoy. A unique gift for any child, the Show Dog and Show Cat Picture Book sets contain bright illustrations coupled with facts about different breeds, along with a coloring book (with non-toxic crayons) and a music sheet with a CD attached to the back cover, all in a compact carrying case. And these are just two of the many sets (items are also sold individually) featuring all kinds of loveable plush animals, serving as both a muff and handbag, in addition to a cuddly friend. How cute is that? The picture book “I Can’t Seem to Find My Tail,” a story of friendship, comes with Pansie the Piglet, a pink muff/handbag/plush piglet with a lavender pearl necklace and removable rhinestone charm. You can sing along to the marvelously bouncy CD with all the adorable and quirky characters: Biff the surfer-bee; Tasha the hip-hop nightingale; Jeremiah the sailor-frog; and Isabella the aristocratic swan. e big and colorful illustrations will delight and invite young readers into a captivating world that pays tribute to both old woodcuts and the modern tints of the airbrush. I Wanna Be Pur-r-r-fect (Show Cat) is filled with Broadway show-tune-flavored music with witty lyrics. The setting for these Aristo-cats is that of a 1920s mansion in its heyday of wealth and royalty. With the sheet music in hand, singing along with the CD, laughing at the imagery and learning about the different breeds of cats, it adds up to a foot-tapping experience which is entertaining, educational and interactive. Show Dog is a large-format children’s picture book, with it’s enclosed title-song CD and sheet music, will have the whole family singing and is a great way to help children just learning to read. Available as a Kindle download as well, Show Dog was selected as the best song in the children’s/novelty class for the Eastern Region and went on to win the National Award on the 75th Anniversary of the Songwriter’s Guild of America, the oldest and most prestigious song writing organization in the USA. Read More About: Long Island Press

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