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Not long ago, I was the lucky winner of a toy package from Kidz Entertainment Inc. in a giveaway that was hosted by Come Wag Along. Thanks so much to Kidz Entertainment Inc. and Simba and his mom, Kia, at Come Wag Along! The package included a Show Dog book, Show Dog coloring book, and a Show Dog puzzle. As you all may know, I have an 8 year old daughter named Lily. These books and the puzzle are just perfect for her and she was very excited when they came in the mail. I told her when I won the giveaway, so she was looking forward to receiving her "prize" in the mail. When our package arrived, she went straight for the Show Dog book and started reading it. The book is written in song and actually comes with a music CD. At the end of the book is sheet music for the song. Each page has brightly illustrated pictures of different dog breeds with special facts about them. She told me that her favorites were the Doberman Pinscher and Pomeranian. The coloring book is just like the Dog Show book, but without color. So she gets to color in the book however she wants to. Lily loves to color! The coloring book also comes with a few crayons. When I won the giveaway, I got to decide between a puzzle, poodle purse, or brown dog purse. I asked Lily which one she preferred and I'm glad I did. She chose the puzzle, but I thought she might have picked out one of the purses. The purses are so cute and are like little stuffed animals! The puzzle has 49 large pieces (much bigger than I had expected) and makes for a perfect floor puzzle. It has the cute illustrations from the Show Dog book on it. Lily was able to complete the puzzle pretty quickly. Lily did have one complaint about the puzzle that she received however. Her words were - "I can't believe there isn't one single pomeranian on this puzzle!" She seemed slightly upset by this, but seemed to get over it quickly. :) As I was browsing through some of the other products that Kidz Entertainment offers, I noticed that they also have a Show Cat series of toys for cat people. There's a "I Can't Seem to Find My Tail" picture book package featuring a cute little pink piggy that looks pretty adorable too. I would definitely recommend these toys from Kidz Entertainment Inc., especially if your child loves animals, as Lily does. I like it when she plays with toys that are not video games or involve the TV. The Show Dog package we received is a fun and interactive way for her to learn and play. I also suggest that you check out Come Wag Along. There is always some sort of exciting giveaway going on that you wouldn't want to miss out on. Plus, Come Wag Along was nice enough to feature my very own Shiner on their Fashion Friday! Read More About: Pawsitively Pets

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