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Diane Baumann of Kidz Entertainment, Inc. is our latest MomPreneur and we are so happy to introduce her to you. Diane was a radio show host on WGBB and WLIE for 6 years, she hosted a few Cablevision shows for LT1, and she is a member of The Recording Academy, BMI, SGA, Women in Music, and SCWBI. Her company, Kidz Entertainment, Inc., is where you will find picture books and gifts that combine the worlds of children, animals and music with color and excitement! What inspired you to begin your business? When I first wrote the title track to a documentary filmed by my friend, Leslye Abbey, called “Caution: Show Dogs”, I received a lot of praise from the song so I thought it would be a good idea to turn songs into books that would be educational, musical and interactive. How difficult was it to get started in the business? It was very difficult. I wanted to create something unique and I used my own money and just when I thought I could get things going the economy fell down. Can you describe your business? I have created unique and distinct picture book sets for children that are educational, musical and interactive. The sets contain the picture books with CD’s, sheet music, coloring books, puzzles and muff/handbag/plush animals. My newest addition is a customizable animal rescue puzzle. What has been your biggest challenge to overcome? Getting the product out to the consumer. The product is unique so I really need to show it to the customer as there is nothing quite like it on the market. What advice would you give other moms who are looking to begin their own business? Keep working at it. Don’t give up even though you may feel rejected or disappointed at times. If at first you don’t succeed, you may need to tweak your product. What ideas are you planning to bring into your business this year? What’s next for you? I am bringing an animal rescue puzzle out and a new animal rescue song, picture book with DVD and coloring book. I’m also going to try to bring out my Mambo Toothbrush. What is your inspiration for creating new products/services? Most of the time my inspiration comes from events that take place, poems that I write and ideas that are unique. I’m always coming up with ideas as my wheels are turning all the time. How do you balance running a business with your kids’ schedule? It can be difficult at times but the way you balance is by having a flexible schedule. I will work all weekend if I have to or late at night, even on a holiday. What role do your children/ family play in your business products? My children help me assemble the products and ship when I’m overloaded. Also, I just finished a children’s bedtime lullaby where I sang the first verse, my daughter sang the second verse and my son played the bassoon throughout the song and co-wrote his part. It is called “Before It’s Time To Say Goodnight” and we just turned it into a simple video. Have you been involved in any other ventures? I am involved right now in a venture. We have a product that was created to help autistic children the basic concept of addition and subtraction. This learning tool can be used also for Pre-K and Kindergarten children as well. Betcha didn’t know… That my song “Show Dog” won best song on the eastern seaboard and then went on to win the National Award for Best Song in the Children’s/Novelty class. This Award was given on the 75th Anniversary of the Songwriter’s Guild of America, the oldest and most prestigious songwriting organization in the USA. Right now I am loving that… Things are falling into place and I’m making great strides. My favorite Mommy Trick is… When I need to get my kids to do something and they don’t want to, I say with a sigh and shaking my head “poor, poor mommy, poor, poor mommy” It works every time. Guilt is good. I can’t live without… My family. They are my life, my love and my reason for doing everything that I do. Read More About: NY Mom's World Blog

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