Queens World Film Festival Preview

synopsis People came from all over to The Little Shop of Wonders to view their collections, as well as to seek their advice about gemstones and healing. Mark and Rosalyn also worked with an assortment of animals in need. Eventually, due to the overflow of artifacts, customers, friends and curiosity seekers, they moved to a storefront on the main street in town. The Long Island Rock and Lapidary shop was a fixture in the town of Bellmore, N.Y. for 48 years. director Snowflake Video Productions is the innovation of filmmaker Leslye Abbey. Her worldwide adventures have given her the opportunity to capture and present diverse expressions of cultural identity. Her career as a psychotherapist and Cultural Social Worker, in such places as the Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, combined with her photographic background, has granted her video camera intimate access into the human heart and spirit. Read More About: Queens World Film Festival Preview

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